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New Blogging Format - The Photo Sketchbook

I have been thinking over the past couple weeks how I can both be more cerebral/analytical about my photography and print more (there is only so many wall-hangable prints I can make for myself). 

I came across the idea of a photography/photographer's sketchbook from an episode of The Art of Photography by Ted Forbes in which he talked about making and maintaining such a sketchbook for oneself. I took this idea and tweaked it a bit by hybridizing it into my online blog. 

I have been trying to be a paperless as possible over the past few years, but I think physically writing stuff down, even if it is a stream-of-consciousness type of thing, and printing images will help me in fleshing out how I photograph (style, philosophy), analyzing images, coming up with new projects or styles, etc...

For the next post on (starting with my annual favorite 10 of the past year), this digitized version of my sketchbook will be the site's blog section. Instead of posting an image directly into a post, I will print out small photographs (if a post specifies an image) either in 3.5x5 inch or smaller contact-sheet size, glue them in my physical sketchbook, write out both organized and unorganized notes about that image or idea, then take a photo of the page(s), and upload that image as the entry in this digitized sketchbook. In other words, each entry will just contain an image(s) and no separate text like what I am writing now. 

We will see how this goes. Not sure how it will work, but I just want to do something a bit different; something a bit more substantial and raw that will l give you a portal inside my photographer mind and allow me to train my photographer mind and learn more about it. 

This is not a New Year Resolution (I'm not much of a resolution person). This idea just happened to form toward the end of the year and just thought it would be a clean start for the 1st of the month, which just happened to be New Year's Day 2017.

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