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Giving Weight to My Photography through Photo books

Sunrise in the Enchanted Scraper Forest

I've been thinking quite a bit about how to give weight (physically and metaphorically) to my photography. Now that I am becoming increasingly comfortable and confident in my photographic art, I want to get my photography out of the virtual world and into the physical one. Of course I want to print individual pieces at some point (now if you order a print of mine, it is printed in the States by a third-part printer), but until I can afford a printer (and more importantly, the ink); what to do?

Well, I've been looking into photo books as a means to give my work weight. I think very visual-based book, such as photo books, are become art unto themselves with the ever growing popularity of e-books - I stopped buying physical books to read years ago. Now, photo books are becoming something special to display and enjoy the physicality of the photograph; that weight. So many photographs are displayed in pixels now, that holding a print in some form is a rarity and novelty. Plus many books from the masters have increased in value, so they are an investment as well. My husband and I have been buying some photo books of artists we like, so if we would buy them when we do buy any other physical books, then there must be something to them.

To test the waters, I've decided to create books of a few of my series that I've been working on (I'm going to rearrange the galleries on this site to reflect them over the next few days). I'll use Blurb since it is integrated into my photo editing and organization software Lightroom and I can easily create a book to buy for myself and sell either through their store and/or through Amazon. I mean, why not? Eventually, I would like to perhaps get a publisher to publish my photo books. But until then, I think going on a print-on-demand to see it they will sell will be a good first step, and I'll get a few portfolio books to show in the process.

So, keep an eye out for my postings of my books over the next coming weeks.