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Thoughts on general photography and personal photographic process.

Launch of UrbanWeird Photo Magazine

Issues 001 and 002 of UrbanWeird Photo Magazine

Recently launched! My photo essay magazine on the UrbanWeird! I decided to try out making a seasonal "zine" to showcase my photography and thoughts on my work and photography in general.

I've been thinking of ways to get my work out to the world in interesting ways, and I got the idea of making zines form an interview with photographer Joe Aguirre on the wonderful podcast "The Candid Frame" where he mentioned that he does zines to showcase his work. It was not the main topic of the interview, so he just mentioned it briefly. The the idea solidified more when I found out that one can make a zine on Blurb. I was, and still am, planning to crate photo books with Blurb, but when researching the site, I came across an option that lets you create magazine-style publications. I tried it out and here is the result.

UrbanWeird Photo is a photo-essay zine that includes not just photos but short thoughts about the photos, i.e., what the photos mean to me, the subject matter, and just thoughts that pop into my head while looking at them. 

Each issue will feature small collections of my work roughly grouped into sub-genres of urban photography; architecture, street, urban abstract, and Urbex-ish. 

So, if you are interested in cities, urban photography, or more specifically Tokyo, then I encourage you to click on the link "uwp magazine" above and buy a paper or PDF version or download the ibook version for free (Not sure why I only can offer the ibook version for free and not the PDF version, but that is the way it is on Blurb).