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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #1: “Memory Point”

Memory Point

It is that time of year for the year's top ten images. Well, most of the year. December is not really included since I have not had time to process them yet and I decided to become a stickler with copyright registration this year and do not publicly post images until they are registered with the US copyright office (makes the registration process a lot easier if they have not been "published" before registration). I do this about four times a year and just did it in the middle of December, so half of December's images will not be ready for public display until sometime in March.

The first of my top ten photos of 2015 "Memory Point" was taken on 25 January. My husband and I took a day trip southwest of Tokyo to a peninsula called "Izu", It has a rugged coast, especially on the western coast of the peninsula, with fantastic views of Mt. Fuji to the north.

This particular image was taken at a spot along the western coast called "Memory Point", and Fuji was deciding to be generous and show herself  in all her snowcapped splendor - she is rather shy volcano and hides behind cloud most of the time. This time of year (winter) is the best time to get a chance to see Fuji because the sky is much clearer and crisp.

This is not my normal type of photography (landscape and colour), but I don't think any photographer would be able to resist the draw that Fuji has. I know I can't.

I decided to keep this image in colour. The sky was rather drab the whole day, but sunset was fast approaching and some cool blues and purples were starting to appear.

I wanted to bring those colours, as well as the light on the outcrops of rocks that form Memory Point, out a bit more in post-processing to make the entire scene a bit more surreal - more weird.