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Top 10 Photos of 2014 - Photo #4: "City Infinity"

City Infinity (sepia version)

Here is photo # 4 of my top ten photos of 2014. As you can probably tell, it was taken high above the city. The city of course is Tokyo. It is looking eastward out into the eastern suburbs in the distance, so no iconic landmarks like Tokyo Tower or the clumps of skyscrapers like in Shinjuku, Shinagawa, or Marunouchi. But it is interesting in the fact that it really shows the expansiveness of Tokyo.

The Photo was taken from the upper observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree 450 meters above the city (Total height of the tower is 634 meters). I went up with my fellow Arcanum apprentice Tim Burgess, who is an Australian landscape photographer based in Townsville and was visiting Japan this past summer.

As it was summer (18 July 2014), the sky was rather dull and grey - typical for Tokyo in summer. However, converting a photo to black and white almost always improves such potentially blah scenes and adds texture that would be invisible in a colour photo. Luckily, a brooding cloud bank came in over the city while we were up there and I took advantage of it and captured this scene.

I really like how the railroad tracks, roads, and rivers form patterns throughout the city, making the notion that cities are actual living squirming things more real. The large river cutting through the photo is the Arakawa River and the thin silvery line in the distance in the upper right corner running parallel to the Arakawa is the Edogawa River, which forms the border of central Tokyo and the eastern burbs.