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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #2: “Close Encounter”

Close Encounter

"Close Encounter" is the next of my top ten images of 2015. I took this from my balcony of a skyscraper across the street called the Shinjuku Park Tower, which houses the Park Hyatt Tokyo at the top there. I took this on 20 February on a crisp clear day with grand puffy clouds spotting the sky.

I did a mini-series on the interaction between clouds and the City called The Impermanence of the Sublime, and the first issue of my Urban Weird Photo magazine is dedicated to this series. This one is my favourite in the series. The cloud above was positioned perfecting over the Park Tower as if it were trying to communicate with it. It was a clear blue sky around it, so it was easy to blacken the sky in post-processing using a red filter to start the darkening. The cloud just started to glow and really pop.

I made it a point to not include much of the Park Tower but just the tip in order to give the image a more balanced effect between to two characters, i.e., I did not want the tower (52 floors; 235 m tall) to overpower the cloud.