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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #3: “Metallurgy”


For image 3 of my top ten of 2015, I chose "Metallurgy", which I took on 28 March. I decided that day to to a bit of a touristy thing and go to Tokyo Tower. I had only been there once before, and that was when my mom and sister came to visit (before I was really into photography). I did go up the tower and took a few photos up there, but this was my favourite of the day and turned out to be one of my favourites of the year. 

I was a rather white hazy sky that day - just not interesting, really. As I approached the tower, I looked up and noticed the dramatic angle of the tower from right at the base. When I took the photo, I was not expecting much due to the rather dull sky from what my eye could see. But the camera and a bit of post-processing at home saw a bit more. The camera and the black-and-white conversion I did at home brought out a bit of hidden wisps of cloud that I could not see when taking the photo due to the washed out bright sky. I was pleasantly surprised.

With black-and-white conversion, especially with high contrast (bright and darks next to each other), the problem of haloing appears (thin white lines on the border of those bright and dark areas). In this image they were everywhere! So I had to go into the behemoth that is Photoshop and zoom in to pixel level to brush away the brightness in those annoying halos. Unfortunately, haloing comes with the territory for high-contrast black-and-white images. But, I think I got most of them (bordering the steel latticework all the way up the structure). So, I guess that is one reason why I like this photo so much - I had to do quite a bit of work to get it this way!