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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #4 “Keeping Secrets”

Keeping Secrets

So, I've been lax in my posting of these top ten lately. I fell on some slush and broke my arm. It is my dominant right arm, so I cannot really write or type efficiently for the next three weeks. But thought I should put another post out before it gets too late in this year for a year-in-review-type series.

Image number 4 of my top ten of last year is of a subject that I also like to photograph and play with; solitary flowers with black background. I took this image of a tulip on 11 April while walking my dog in a large park not far from my place here in Tokyo called Yoyogi Park.

I saw this rather restrained tulip in a bed a other more brash ones. I immediately was smitten with this little white tulip with accents of violet. My favourite colour for flowers is actually white. so I tend to convert flowers to black and white and totally black out the background (there's always something crass and distracting in backgrounds when it comes to focusing on one demure flower. I decided, after the conversion, to bring back some of the violet around its petal edges.

I call this image "Keeping Secrets" because this little flower does seem to be keeping a secret or two deep inside its flowery heart.