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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #5: “Corporation Japan”

Corporation Japan

Image number 5 of my top 10, "Corporation Japan", was taken on May 21 near Shinjuku station here in central Tokyo.

I noticed this interesting wall near the west exit of Shinjuku station and decided to stand there for a while and wait for interesting people to walk or stand by it. I didn't have to wait long before this business man, commonly called 'salaryman'  here in Japan, just stood there looking out into space thinking about something or waiting for someone.

This is more of a statement piece for me. I make it no secret how I detest how companies here in Japan treat their employees. I immediately imagined the vertical lines on the wall as prison bars keeping the salaryman imprisoned in the outdated, toxic, and soul-sucking corporate environment that is pervasive in this country. An environment in which companies treat their employees like 5-year olds and try, and succeed, in controlling every aspect of their lives. A youthful graduate entering a company will age in a few years to look like someone who is about to retire; all their joy in life withered away like a late autumn leaf crumbled and trampled under the corporate foot.