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Top 10 Photos of 2015 - Photo #6: “Time Mage”

Time Mage

For image 6 of my top 10, I chose "Time Mage", which was taken on the same day (21 May) as image 5 (Corporation Japan) and in the same general area around Shinjuku station in central Tokyo. Two top 10 images in the same day means it was a very good day photographically; rare that I would get one!

As is normal for Shinjuku station (the busiest station in the world), there are people going every which way and in droves. I wanted to capture that sense but still portray individuality. I saw this young woman just standing still next to a wall looking in her bag for something with commuters busily walking past. I slowed my shutter speed to blur out the passersby and focused on her. Luckily she remained still to be in focus.

Kind of makes you wonder what she is looking for in her bag. Maybe her time-travel device so she can get out of this hectic work, work, work world.

If you would like to see more of my photography of Shinjuku station, my latest UWP magazine is dedicated to this massive city-unto-itself station. Just click on the "uwp mag" link above for more info.