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Top Photos of 2015: Photos #8, 9, & 10

Waiting for the Cubicle

I decided to put the last three of my top ten together in one post since it is already a quarter into the next year!

Number 8 "Waiting for the Cubicle" was taken on 9 July just down the street from my apartment at a complex shopping, performing arts, and office complex called "Opera City". It decided to wonder around there just before things started to open and noticed the poor soul trying get up enough energy to go up to the office and start what would be a long dreary day working for Corporate Japan. 

He was a nice human element added to the interesting geometric elements in the frame. A tired and exhausted human crunched over in contrast with the straight edges and lines.

Heaven Fall

Number 9 "Heaven Fall" was taken on 15 August near Tokyo station. It is a skyscraper just across the street form the station and is relatively new. I was walking around a terrace a few floor up in the complex that overlooked the station. I looked up and noticed the tapering effect of the glass building kind of disappearing into the heavens and thought it would be a great candidate for black and white conversion to make the building disappear at the top even more.

I have a soft spot for glass skyscrapers, and luckily Tokyo is becoming populated with more and more of them. I remember when I first moved to Tokyo about 15 years ago, there were very few glass high-rises. Most were this horrid drab concrete. I guess anti-earthquake technology had advanced enough to enable glass towers to be built - or a new more aesthetically focused generation of architects have taken control. Either way, it makes me happy.

Black Mirror

Number 10 and final of my 2015 faves is "Black Mirror" was taken 22 November at a suburban park to the west of central Tokyo. My husband and I were driving back from visiting his mother's grave at a cemetery further out in the suburbs and we decided to stop by someplace to take some photos. 

I opened up trusty Google Maps and just started to look for places that might be interesting to stop by. I saw a green blotch on the map and it looked interesting with a lake so we headed there. We both never heard of the park, which is called Zenpokuji park.At one end is a pond almost smothered by these large tufts of grass that were actually quite beautiful, especially how they were mirrored in the still water.

Of course, I did quite a bit of post-processing with this one because I could not eliminate the distracting houses and fences in the background from the frame when taking the photo. I decided to just turn all that to black to make the tufts of grass and their reflections really stand out.