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Details on Photo Explorations

Details on Photo Explorations


Your personalized Photo Exploration includes:

1. my knowledge of Tokyo and areas we visit. I am a history and geography buff, so I can give you the history and layout of the area. I will provide you with an information packet on Tokyo in general and the places we will visit on your Exploration(s).

2. guidance in photographic technique and composition. If you are new to photography or to street photography, I can give you tips and tricks on how to get the best results specific for certain areas we visit. 

3. friendly laid-back approach. Think of your Exploration as a nice walk in a new city during which we can chat, laugh, and enjoy taking photos.

4. an optional .zip file of a collection of photos of your time on the walk (candid, group shots) that I can take throughout your Exploration, which I will send to you after the walk. Just let me know if you would like this option beforehand. Don't worry I won't be snapping candids of you without your permission.

5. upon request, I'll bring along a small malleable Gorillapod for your use (or share if a small group of you) so you do not have to lug your own around if you don't want to. However, keep in mind that tripods are more of a hinderance than an aid in street photography, and there are few places where you can actually use them.

6. since we will be doing a lot of walking, just let me know when you are thirsty and we can stop in at one of the thousands if not millions of convenience stores or vending machines scattered around Tokyo to quench your thirst with bottled water or tea; my treat. We can also take a rest at a café or a quiet spot if you need a break. If an Exploration is during lunch or dinnertime, we can stop to get something to eat (will be part of the Exploration time - not included in the fee). I am a vegetarian and Japan is not a very vegetarian-friendly country, so we can go into whatever looks good to you instead of spending a lot of time searching for the ever elusive veggie-friendly eatery. I can just have something to drink or nibble on - I'm used to it, so not a problem.

7. flexibility. If you want to turn down this street or go up that hill, just let me know. all templed-out? just say so, and we can move on to someplace else.


Explorations can be scheduled (Sat., Sun., and Japanese national holidays) starting in:

the morning, afternoon, or early evening.

Morning or afternoon Explorations are best for temples, shrines, and gardens since many close to visitors around 4:00 or 5:00pm. 

Evening Explorations are limited to the more frenetic 'bright lights big city' areas due to it being a night walk.

The actual start times are flexible and can be set once we figure out the Exploration agenda and depending on if I have any other Explorations scheduled for that day. 


Once we confirm dates and times together, please pay a deposit of $50.00 USD for each Exploration you book (an equivalent of 5,000 JPY will be taken off the full fee for this deposit). If you booked more than a week in advance and you need to cancel 7 days or more before the Exploration date, the deposit is 100% refundable. If you need to cancel less than 7 days, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining fee can be paid in Yen cash or via credit card immediately after the Exploration. 

Since this is a one-man operation, there may be situations in which I will not be able to do the Exploration (e.g., bedridden with the flu), then of course your deposit is 100% refundable, or we can reschedule for a later date if that is a possibility with a 30% discount of the fee.

**The fees do not include your transportation costs. I can give each member an IC card to use during the Exploration(s) that will have some money on it so you do not have to worry about buying individual tickets. You can take care of your own transportation as well by getting your own IC card, which are easy to purchase an pretty much any ticket machine and any station. Many people if they are staying longer after the Exploration or will be in the city several days before usually get an IC card for their entire stay and just keep adding money to the card when needed. The IC cards are called either SUICA or PASMO. They work interchangeably, just that SUICA is put out by Japan Rail (can be purchased at JR stations) and PASMO is put out by private rail/subway companies (can be purchased at all other stations). I can add the total train fare per person to the final bill at the end if you use one of my IC cards.

**The fees do not include Japan 8% consumption tax. This will be added during payment at the end of your Exploration.

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